You will understand why we are here, in Fransvliet Estate, to share these special moments with you.

Our goal? To surprise you. With beauty, with the small things in life, with a smile. With a warm-hearted welcome and a heartfelt yearning to make you feel at home. With an experience. To help you create memories, to make you love this place as much as we do.
Why? Because we are good at it. Good at organizing, helping, planning. Good at creating happiness, bad at not being perfect.

Vanessa, Victor and our amazing team are the heart and the soul of Fransvliet Estate. Their love for treating guests to good food and wine, as well as their joy for wine making and for Franschhoek’s joie de vivre is what grew Fransvliet into an extraordinary place where guests love to return.

Vanessa is closely integrated into the village’s community and will happily share her special finds for activities, pop-up events and off-the-beaten-track excursions.

We can’t wait to make you part of the magic.

Fransvliet Estate